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Eli is working experimental music and playing improvisation since earlies '80.

Here you can see a few pics of the most recent collaborations and projects (with Pierre Bastien, Tom Chant, Nuno Rebelo, Pelayo Arrizabalaga, David Fenech, Juan Matos Capote, Adele Madau, Truna, Ome Acustics, also tracks of direferent ages. Check the Experimental Luthierism section and others for complementary infos, also the booking" link (dossiers, related links...)

Jeanette meets The Residents

Eli also does "UnPop", dada-cabaret songs, silly, fun, anti-folk and surreal romanticism. Minimal casiotronic maximalism, Filo lo-fi.

But the most popular electropop band is Motor Combo (2002-2012), Their album "Polo" (La Olla Expréss) has received fantastic reviews.

Check their site, facebook pics and La Olla Expréss  flickr albums! Listen below their album.

contact: eli@eligras.com