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A multidisciplinary artist, Eli is a self-starter who has worked in several creative fields, such as writing and design, aside from a long and historied career in experimental and underground music starting in early '80.
She has released full-length albums on La Olla Express Records: “Baranda”, “Duplicat” (with Pelayo Arrizabalaga), “Polo”, and “El Avión” (Motor Combo), “Obmuz” (Dude Tapes) and works in collaboration with artists such as Alain Wergifosse (Geometrik). She has also appeared in numerous compilations at the labels Classwar Karaoke, Ego Twister, Monster K7, Espais Netlabel, Nereida prod...
Musically, she has travelled a long path from experimental to electropop, via greek music, minimalism, folk, choral, funk and free electronics, although her musical practice centers on experimental improvisation. She use to play performances with her invented instruments often as concept sound and visual performances "Saló Sanor" or "Peeled Piano", also playing together with nice artists like Pierre Bastien, Nuno Rebelo, Tom Chant or her duet Pelayo Arrizabalaga amongst others, as well working in dada-pop projects, solo “UnPop”, as duet with Motor Combo or as sound artist. She is the director of the NoNoLogic music festival, and the founder of La Olla Expréss.
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Around 35 in experimental music environment